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Learning as a service

Learning as a service

Winmate Industry Academy equips our customers with the skills required to use our products effectively. Given our rugged computing's vast array of functions and features, employees training is recommended to get the most out of our solutions

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The removable battery is not charging.
  • Make sure the AC adapter is connected correctly and that the removable battery is inserted correctly.
  • Nothing appears on the screen.
  • The device may be in sleep mode. Press the power button to wake up the display.
  • The brightness level may be too low. Increase brightness.
  • The screen suddenly turns blank, and the power indicator goes off.
  • Make sure that the LED indicator is not powered off in Hottab.
  • Make sure the AC adapter is connected correctly.
  • If running on battery power, the battery may be depleted, charge the battery.
  • Wireless LAN signal quality is poor.
  • The device may be out of range. Move the computer closer to the access point or another wireless LAN device associated with it.
  • Check if your surroundings have interferences, such as microwave ovens, cordless phones etc. Move the computer away from objects causing interference.
  • I can not connect to another wireless LAN device.
  • Make sure that the wireless LAN feature is power on.
  • Make sure that the SSID setting is the same for every wireless LAN device in the network.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Make sure the IP address or subnet mask setting is correct.